Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day People!!!

Oh! You are right, how I gonna celebrate as I don't have partner to celebrate with.  Hurmp, but I managed to get myself one temporary one. =p
At least I enjoyed my night last night with all crazy friends!  And the night before I manage to make myself manicure!  Hehe~

Made valentine's theme art on our nails.  Haha!
It was my first try!!!  I think they are awesome, what do you think?? =)
And then had celebrated the night with DBA course member and of course with our Trainer!
We drink, eat and laugh!!!  Fuh...
Will post more picture soon or you can view the pictures from this album.
Oh ya!  I almost forget to share another manicure that I did for Lin!  First time try something this hard.  (I know it doesn't look difficult for some of you but it is difficult for me!)

Right, my trainer is here... I should off and concentrate.

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