Friday, February 10, 2012

Some Thoughts

Sometime it is not that you want it then you can do it.  Lots of people keep telling me that if you want something eagerly then you will get it anyhow.  But for me, I feel that if I want something eagerly, I will get it anyhow but have to + with luck and timing.

It is just simply what I think.  I am always lack of luck like friends around me have.  When they are not into something they can still mix well after a while but not to me.  For example, friends are keep saying that they are so stupid or can't do the paper that came out for final, but you will never know actually they still can get well result.  I don't know what is 'I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO' really means to them as they can always say that sentence but still can get very good result... fuh...

As I mentioned that I'm attending 3P course, I feel that I'm wasting my time there seriously...  Everybody is so hardworking solving codes and understand what he is teaching while I done nothing and understand nothing at all.  Sigh... 
That's why I said I'm so got no talent or give in anything that is useful for me now!

Thinking of my internship, I really feel upset and don't know what to do... and I know there is another thing that I afraid most ---> FYP!!!
I thought of stupid thoughts because of those stress but I know I shouldn't and I can't!  Sigh, why people are so enjoy in their University life but looking at mine, I feel that my university life is so dull, and not colourful enough.  

Maybe I didn't put more afford (I believe everybody gonna say this to me... )
Fine...  I know I'm stupid and I can't mix around with intelligent people which all the clever people can understand things very fast!

Right, I gonna sleep... 

p/s:  day dreaming...

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  1. hey girl. don't ever feel you are stupid because you are not, or fill yourself with negative thoughts. there are times where i felt stupid and all too. i understand how you felt, and it brought me down.

    like others, i too said, "i don't know how to do", but i tried my best to listen and understand what the lecturer teach. don't repel when you don't understand.

    don't give up before you even start trying. you may surprise yourself with what you are capable of babe.