Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holiday Before New Semester Starts

My holiday is about 3P, sleep and eat but in the last week of 3P one more thing added to my holiday, that's drink!  LoL
The last day of 3P I still have to sit for the DBA examination and luckily I passed!  How's the result?  I find it good enough for me but obviously for some others they think they should get better.  Fuh, it really sounds ironic to me... =(

After the exam I straight away go to KK just to spend my 1 Malaysia voucher.  Did I mention that my mama couldn't use it because I wasn't at there?  Yeap, the shop keeper doesn't allow my mom to use it because the owner of the voucher wasn't there. =(  So she has to post back to me so I can use it.  But bad news is I can't use all the voucher but only RM100 out of RM150.  The reason they gave is the chop at the back there is not clear and the bank wouldn't let them to claim back the money.  I'm so unlucky... =( 
I guess if my mama has used the voucher once she got the voucher I don't think so many problem will occur. =(
Anyhow I still manage to use them and finally I got my chance to go for shopping after so long. =))
Bought books for my bro and sis and 2 pairs of design scissors for sis and some stationery for myself. =(  I never know that RM100 can buy so few things!  Fuh!!!

After spending time in the book store, I went to find things that in my shopping list and the most important one are toner and moisturizer.  
I don't know why is the price so cheap compare if I buy one by one.  I remember the toner cost me RM20++ and the moisturizer cost me RM40++ if I buy one by one, but I saw the discount package which only cost me RM72.90!  Seriously I save a lot!!!  Gonna use it after my current toner and moisturizer finish. ^^
Inside the box there is a sleeping mask sample!  Too bad my friend threw hers away when we were in KK as she said the box is really taking lots of space, so she just threw it like that without checking everything inside. =p
I tried the sleeping mask before when I was in hometown, (my mom bought one for herself and she asked me to use) it really nice and moisturizing. =)
Too bad someone threw the sample away... LoL

Now the semester break has gone and have to back to school day again which I hated most although I know in the future I gonna miss life here.  

p/s:  I miss when the moment when the whole campus only have few students...

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