Thursday, February 9, 2012


That day our 3P instructor suddenly talk about our internship and this has made me think of my own future...
Just realize, my future is so blur!  I can't even see where I should head to! =(

The instructor said we should find a small company to do internship first to learn things before we start to work in big company.  I wanted to work in Ipoh where grandpa is there at least I don't have to worry where I should stay... but since friends are telling me that Ipoh got very few company that suitable.

Now I'm thinking whether where to choose now... Daddy and mummy said I can work anywhere, if I want to work in Ipoh, I can ask my uncle who is staying in Ipoh to notice for me; if I want to work in KL, I can ask my uncle who is staying in KL to notice for me.
I know I have already lots of options compare to others but...


So many things to think of to be an adult... =(

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