Sunday, February 5, 2012

Manicure Season

I'm a manicure fever ever since I start to try arts on my own nails after mix around with seniors who love manicure!  Plus I love art just I don't have very good talent on art.
I always wanted to have friends that can spend time to have manicure or makeover session like twice a month as a relaxing and distress all the stress...
Recently it has been like so addicted to manicure, where I can spend the whole morning or whole night watching drama while manicure!  Do some arts on my nails...  Even though using left hand is a little difficult but now I improved my skill!  At least less shake like last time.

Here are some manicure I did for the pass 2 days~  

Now even Malay friends come to my house to join my happiness!  (they ask me to help them to do manicure!)  I'm really happy when I can do manicure on others.  Luckily they appreciate what I do. =)

I know the skill still not 100% perfect, but at least there is improvement!  ^0^

Okay, now I know what is my hobby already...  My hobby is do girl stuff!!! <3

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