Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy Week

Starting from this I become very very busy. Tiring. After taking STPM result, I really almost sleep at 1 o'clock in the morning everyday. Really tiring.

On the day I took my result, I really very dissapointed with the result I get. I really expect that I'll get this low. On that night, we went to Miss Irene's house to disscuss about the pointer to choose to go into local University. Actually I really scare that I can't go into Local University cause all the pointer are really very high.
After disscussing with Miss Irene, went out for yamcha that night with Yitsiang, Phui Yoke, Harn Wei, Han Leong and Wei Hong. Since I didn't see Han Leong for centuries, so I decided to join their yam cha in last minutes. And we are really xiao cause we yamcha till 2 o'clock in the morning. When I reach home and settle down my things, it was already 3 in the morning already.
I only got to sleep for 3 hours++ on that night.

Since that day, I really put most of my rest time on the computer and interneting. I want to settle down all my courses that I going to sumit up to UPU before 23th of March. Keep on searching the information and the pointer that suit me. Not much I can choose. Really very few that I can choose.

Really feel to take one day leave and sit infront of the computer for whole day to settle all those thingy. But it seems to be impossible cause the boss didn't seems to allow my leave although I haven't really take leave yet. I slept in the class everyday in this week when the students are doing their school work. Bad example!!

Somemore the water supply got problems for this few days. I need to bring water from the main paip outside my house into the bath room downstairs. Cold water. And no enjoyable during showering. Didn't get to release my stress from bathing. Really tiring.

Finally it is Saturday. I really hope that everyday is Sunday. I wanna have a very good rest on Sunday but I got something important to do on that day and the things that I need to do is also very tiring.

HOPE all the GOOD luck will come to me and the good luck will never end...

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