Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Final Result

Finally it comes. Most of the form 6 students are waiting this moment for a long time. Telling the truth, actually not all are hope to know about the result, but we must face it, aren't we?

Having a nighmare last night. The nightmare is same as the nightmare last time. It says that I get a very low pointer in my STPM result. Sigh, and the dream comes true. I really don't understand why every bad dream will come true and every good dream never come true? This is so unfair!!!

Still have to work today. No choice, cause if compare to Hui Yuan I am luckier. During the working time, I really got no mood to work at all. Nervous, difficult to concentrate in teaching. Damn, I knew that I'll be like that in the morning. That's why I want to take leave for whole day, but they not allow.

Finally it is already 12pm, I have tried to sms to know my result, but still no use. Cause I didnt get to know my result from the sms. Too nervous. I didn't eat much for lunch too.

At 1.00pm, I went to take my result. I found out that I got a very bad result. Really dissapointed with my result actually. Never thought that I'll get that low. Sigh.

Whatever la, just promise that I can get into University.

Wish me luck!!!

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