Friday, March 20, 2009


I received Mr. Lawrence phone call yesterday. That time I was in Yit-Tsiang's house and he was helping me to install the Microsoft Office into my laptop. (Actually is my dad's laptop)

Mr. Lawrence told me that I'm going to end my tuition this week. Firstly he told me that the form 4 class that I taught no need to teach liao cause there is teacher that can replace my place dy. But suddenly he told me that I no need to teach any tuition from next week which means that I'm totally free on every night from next week. Lol.

It is really sad at first because my second salary will be lost just like that but I can do nothing. At first place when I have tuition almost every night, I was thinking that it is very tired if I have tuition every night and hope that there are no tuition at night. But now my dreams come true. And now that I think that it is a sad thing when I got nothing to do at night. It is really very pity thing.

Sigh, really sad actually cause my salary become half of the actual amount dy. Which means I got no enough money to do my own things liao. But I go more time to do my own things. Sigh, really very 'fan'. I think I must really arrange my time more wisely so that I can find more extra money... Lol. It seems like my eyes got lots of $$ liao.... hahaha. Become like this dy ----> $.$

Anyway whatever is going to be, I must maintain my own thinking and maintain a good positive thinking which are I got more time on doing my own things at night and I can go out everyday without thinking that I'm not free at night.

God Bless Me!!

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  1. First you worked so hard because of the money. And then you quit your job because you were tired. The next thing was you were sad because you didnt have enough money. So, you expect money is flowing to you while you're have quit a job?