Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just A Blog

It has been long time I didn't leave anything here. I don't know since when I become this busy. Compare to last time, I have to work in the morning and during night time, but it seems like now I'm more busy than last time. Lol
Last time I was busying working, working but now.... Haih, I also don't what I'm busying with...

Somemore now I'm thinking the best way to become like a ROBOT, I am trying so hard to make myself busy. But ROBOT still need to recharge and ROBOT need to do maintanance too. And now this ROBOT is VIRUS DETECTED.
Yup, you are right. I'm sick now. Actually is just a normal virus detect in my body. No need to go to see doctor de la. Absent to work today and trying to rest at home.

This few days, I keep quarreling with mummy. I know what's the problem but she just can't accept it, maybe when time pass she will understand.
Last time I seldom go to Starbucks and even never try to step into starbucks area before. But now I seems like step into starbucks area very often with 'my' laptop. Lol... Yup, you are right again. I'm using Wi-Fi to online at Starbucks every weekend. It is really make lots of fun. I'm glad that the workers there didn't kick me out of there although I didn't order any drinks or food from there. Lol....

Trying so hard to make my first step towards it.
But it seems like it is not that easy and not that difficult,
What I should do is just make more afford on it.
Hope I can success in Mid- May.
Really wanna attend myself on that event...

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