Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daily Life

Second Day. (Raining heavily today)

I've become more clever today. The first thing that i do when I reach there today is quickly take those book and go to the office to photostate. I photostate d a lot and I don't know how much of my membrane cell are killed by the photostate machine....

Make attendace earlier than usual today because we need more time to let them (the children) to have their revision. Finished that, and I found out only few children were there at that time. (less than 20 students today I guess) I can't wait any longer because I know that their speed are very very slow in doing their work.

At around 9am something, the business admin there came to Day Care. Now what? I wondered what make you come here again. Erm... For my experience, she comes here for sure is because compliment and complainment. Yup, and I'm right! There is a parent that called and complaint that her daughter said the teacher here are not willing to teach her and she is thinking to change her daughter to another Nursery. Then something come to my mind. What had this girl tell her mum? How come the way her mother say is different then the real way we have teached her?? The mother said that her daughter told her that We do not want to teach her to do the questions at there. What the shit!!! Actually is we always ask them to finish the work then we will explain why they got wrong. We wanna let them to try their best to use thier mind to think before getting any answer from us.

Actually I really going to quit this kind of job already. Most of the parents rather listen to their children than us. When the children tell lies, they also never realize it. I must say is the parents in this century are really sucks. can say that they are brainless too.

While the afternoon session is much more easier than the morning session because the studnets are more dicipline. I can get my rest in the evening and do my things that time too.

Whatever, I just want to earn money from there, what will the students will become is non of my business because since the parents themselves also don't want to care and teached their children, what for I help them to 'train' them? If we really do, the parents will sure say that we are busy-body. So I'll just do my own business will do la, just teach them what they need to learn only la...

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