Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday, normally we do nothing accept letting the children to watch cartoon and wait for the time pass. And I really happy with this kind of day. Saturday, I really love to be relax rather than working.

But they take the opportunity on us to make us busy on Saturday. They make us do more things. Maybe they think that we are robots. But robots need to recharge their energy too. They need to rest too. They take take for granted on us, we need to work more although it is Saturday and they only pay us so few.

The year 6 students are playing balls together. I was really boring that time. Nothing to do except put my eyes on them.
After they play the balls, they ran here and there. I really don't know what is so fun in running around and chasing around. Lol.

Finished playing liao of course need to bath de la, so they take their own bath and watched cartoon again.

Then some of the teacher prepare to make agar-agar at the kitchen. We asked all the students go to have a look on the procedure of making agar-agar.

"Come, come, come, come to see how to make agar-agar"

After few minutes, the long table are crowded with students liao.

First, boil water with some pandan leaves...

Then you need to take out the pandan leaves. "ouch, ouch, ouch, it is sooooo hot!!!"

"you can buy this in any super market, this is the most important ingredient to make agar-agar". Lol. (funny)

Put the agar-agar thingy into the hot pot which filled with boiled water.

Stir them. Wait till almost melt all.

Put in the sugar stick and stir them together untill all are readily melt.

If it isn't melt, then it will become like this.

Must really make sure that all the things inside the pot are melt then ny add milo to make them become brown colour.

Stir, stir, stir...

Almost ready...

Let's try the taste first.... "yum, yum"

Is done!!

Then pour the liquid into where you have decided to put.

And it is done!!!
Wait till the agar-agar become solid.
Then you can eat them...

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