Sunday, March 1, 2009

Out From The House

After three weeks staying at home, I have decided to go out to have a walk. I mean it is time to relax after few weeks working.
Yeah, sometimes working from Monday till Saturday is tiring and feel to rest at home on Sunday but this week I have gone for shopping. Wee~~

Since I had promise mummy to sweep and mop the floor, I woke up 11.30 in the morning to finish all the work. I also wash my car too.
Then have a clean on myself and prepare to go out.

Hehe, take some fresh pictures just after I bath and now prepare to go for my lunch at Sushi King and walk-walk.

So what do you think?
We eat a lot?
But actually we just need to pay RM16.10 per person. Lol, isn't that cheap. It is full too.

See Hui Yuan are so happy to have her lunch here. haha

I'm happy too. (aiyer, how come my eyes always look so small and 'bengkak')

On the way, I bought nail polish for myself and it is quite cheap because there are offer in The Face Shop. We choose the nail polish for 10 mins, but after that long, I only buy 2 colour. Lol.

Quickly put it on when I reach home.
I spend less than RM15 for manicuring myself. (manicure outside is around RM15)


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  2. Is it me or what? Why's GRANDPA looked so happy on that day-huh? It's bugging me.