Monday, March 2, 2009

What A F*** Day

Today is a first day of March and can consider that today is the first day of working in month of March. I thought that I'll have a great begining in this month, but it seems like I'm not lucky enough!

After I reach the place I work, Hui Yuan and I quickly go to continue our decoration on the notice board there. Around 8.15 am, we went back to the classroom to prepare to start our teaching. Then we only realize that today they are having exam in school and we need to find those workbook that involve examinations question for them. Shit la!!!

Then suddenly I feel I got lots of thing that I haven't done yet. For example, I hacen't find those questions for the standard 1 and standard 3 students. I feel abit 'mang zang' liao that time and I know that I'm going to explode at any moment also. But still, I also know that I still can control it in short while.

When the time is near to the time for study, the principle is here for help. And I know that time I'll going to explode to scold her already. I used a very bad tone to talk to her. This is obviously that I show my disagreement to her. But luckily the time when I am teaching those children until the time I have my lunch, I feel much more better that time.

There is a good news today. It is the only good news. There will be a new teacher coming to teach standard 1 starting from this Wednesday. Oh, great! I won't be that busy in the morning already.

But still I still hope the teacher that have been gone for holiday so long can back as soon as possible so that Hui Yuan and I will have a better life in there...

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