Saturday, March 7, 2009

STPM Result & Frustrated

STPM result is coming out really soon which is on 10th of this month. Sigh. The moment that I'm afraid of finally is coming and now it is just around the corner. I really got idea how I'm going to face it.

Actually I have been think that I'll take leave on the result day. I want to have a day of holiday, but it seems like it is impossible. I mentioned the date of STPM result on Friday to the Business Admin. (the boss is not around at the moment, she is in KL now) Guess what she say about it? She told me to go and take then straight away go back to work. Huh? How can she be like that? It is our right to take leave to take result, isn't it? But now she didn't even allow us to take half day leave.

Geram!!! Really geram!!! So I mentioned it again today before I go home. Still then, she still said that we go take at around 1pm and must back to work as soon as possible. Oh, why she wants to by like that? I feel frustrated already....

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