Monday, March 16, 2009


I keep on asking my daddy to borrow me a laptop. Actually is asking him to give me one of his laptop. I think I have been asking him for long time and finally he really borrow me this one.

It had been a tired week last week. I don't think I got enough of rest although the time pass very fast during that week. Keeping on my work everyday. Busying here and there. I enjoy this kind of life actually. Busying from morning till night. I know that it is really tiring but at least I really use my time wisely and I feel that I'm not wasting my time by this way.

By the way I have learn lots of things last week. I really like to share with all my beloved friends and family but unfortunately I really can put it in my blog. It is kinda confidential. Sorry.

p/s: I'm using my daddy's laptop now... Lolzzz

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  1. "Busying here and there. I enjoy this kind of life actually"

    LIES, PHAIL!!!!!!!