Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Movie not on Movie Day

As you know movie day is on every Wednesday as we can get half price on that day but after one of my friend started her tuition so no more movie on movie day.  (and I have to spend more than that. no offense)
Any way, after this we have to be good spender already.

Since we can't watch movie on Wednesday, we still want to watch movie.  So at the end we went to watch movie on Tuesday.  
I think it is a nice movie and the most epic scene in the movie is the picture below.
I thought the boobs were fake one, but I heard that they really went to find the real person for this movie.  wtf!  She said: you will wish you have three hands!  ewww....

Anyway, I confirm that I can't have movie on the week until next week.  If not mommy will definitely kill me for wasting so much money on watching movie out there. fml.
I somemore have to reject friends for asking me for me.  So guilty... >.<

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