Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lazy Me

Right, now looks like is my turn to update my blog once a week! fml....  Seriously, this really happen lo!  My senior told me that after I start to work, I will be busy and hardly find time to update blog!  wtf!  I never want this to happen, but it really happen thou....

I swear to my own self before that I don't want to have daily same routine life because that would be super boring where I hate boring the most.  But internship life is the life that I can't control much because I got so few allowance where I can hardly save them or spend them.  And then everyday same routine: morning wake up, eat, work, eat, work, back home, jogging, eat, drama, sleep.  Boring!
However, last few days sis back home and tell me that her tuition center wants to hire tuition teacher, and she suggested me.  Since I know the person in charge there (I worked there before!), she asked me to meet her up by Monday.  Well, I think I can get that part time job there.  So conclusion, my daily routine will change a little. =)

The other laziness on me is, I started to feel lazy to exercise already.  I find that after jogging I feel super sleepy and tired so at the end I keep complaint that I'm sleepy!  But I don't really think that is because of jogging I think is because of my body's spare-parts are old already and start to complain already... wtf...  Plus everyday has to OT (although I got nothing to do...), my time all messed up...  I wanted to go back home before 6pm so I can go jog for like 30 minutes can done bathing and dinner before 8pm.  Then follow mommy out to buy some grocery but every time I also got to rush because of my bad time management.

5th of August, I haven't buy my flight ticket because I'm so scare to buy.... >.<  Anyway, I got another thing to worry right now.  That is whether to continue working in the same company or not after I finish my practical.  I have talked to my supervisor but I know his style that he will ask me to think myself which until now I am still thinking what choice I should make.  What I think is let the time pass by itself and I believe God will tell me what to do. =D

ps:  fat really make me feel ugly and unhealthy!

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