Monday, August 6, 2012

My Movie Marathon During The Whole Week

They usually call movie marathon as having movie in the whole day non-stop!  But I think my also consider marathon where I watch movie non-stop during whole week!  seriously fml! (face palm gao gao!)

Firstly I watched Greedy Ghost with my colleagues!  Yeah, you can consider it as all girls night.  I watched Greedy Ghost that night.
It is not very scary but because I don't know the story line so I closed my eyes most of the time because I scare the scary scene comes out. wtf.  But guess what?  Saturday night I went to watch again with my family!  I wanted to watch Step Up 4 but since they changed their mind so we went to watch Greedy Ghost.  Yeap for me ---> again?
But this time I watch with my eyes open.  Mummy said how come you watch for second time already but you still can laugh till so loud?  Lol!

So at the end I watch Step Up 4 on Sunday night.  Step Up is always that awesome!!!  When you watch Step Up, no matter 1 or 2 or 3 or revolution (4) it still make you feel you wanna dance together with them!  Plus, the main actor in there is so handsome!!! *heart melt*
I didn't watch 3D because I don't want to spend too much in watching movie but I am super sure that the 3D effect inside will be superb!

ps: another movie coming next week!  Total Recall!!!

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