Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Awesome 3 Days Holiday

As you know now I'm having internship and I'm force to work from Monday to Saturday (although I feel so free in the office. wtf).  But thanks to Muslim, the whole citizens in Malaysia have 2 days of public holiday which mean Monday and Tuesday I'm free!

At first we planned to go for holiday trip with mommy but ended up we decided to just go back granny's house.  Since some of my friends coming back home during raya, so I wanna spend time with them too!  So my schedule become: 
Saturday: go granny's house after work.
Sunday: come back home in the evening.
Yeah I know... even grandma said its a waste to go back for a night only.  But I wanna visit you, even is only for 10 minutes, as long as I meet you.  

Since bro has his own program (dinner actually) with friends, so I need to find my own outing also.  Went out to have dinner with friend then change venue to another place to yam cha.  Guess this is the first yam cha session with friend (friend, not friends... lol! really dislike to go out with bunch of friends la...) since I come back. LOL 
First time ever spend time out there just to eat and drink for nearly 3 hours.  >.<
Dinner at Island Two Cafe with her.  Since we don't feel hungry but wanna put something into the stomach.  So we shared our food!  Lol...
And then we went JR (Just Relax) to continue our chating session.  She said JR is no longer just relax because the surrounding is noisy due to so many people there.  

Since the next day need to go Sungai Lembing to climb Panorama Hill, so we decided to go back early to sleep for few hours.  (we start our journey from Kuantan at 4am)  Too bad I drank too much tea during the dinner so I didn't get to sleep well.  *panda eyes* It is public holiday so Sungai Lembing was crowded with people!!!  I mean really many people there.  They said 45 minutes we can reach the top, but I think we can spend less than that with the condition, exercise everyday before you go.  Seriously, all the hark work and work out paid off!  I don't feel tired like the first time I went out!  I'm so proud of myself!  
Forget to mention, I saw meteor!  Ngek Ngek.  Don't ask me whether I made a wish or not because I always think of that wish. =p  I bought books too!  Buy 2 Free 1.  Since they are cheap, so I bought 3.  (Should be 2 and I got another 1 free.)
After that went back home and sleep.  Thanks to bro who help me to do housework, so I can sleep right after bathe!  I wanted to sleep longer or at least more than 30 minutes, but I can't!  Tired but couldn't fall asleep. wtf.
So went for lunch after nap since bro is hungry.  Then wait for another outing.
Before going out, took some pictures. wtf.  (I feel I'm damn SS la... >.<)  It has been long time I didn't wear 16mm color lens.  The diameter of the lens is so big until my eyes look like barbie's eyes. wtf.  AND I know I look pretty in the picture above. (wtf!!!)  Anyway, I didn't put on make up on my eyes but I did define my eyebrow so my eyebrow looks thicker.  (now you see, the difference of after & before bath, and also the angle I take picture to make myself look nice.  Lol!  So fake!!!)

4.30pm went out to play 2 round bowling then dinner at Mr. Specky and then lastly movie.  Steambot at Mr. Specky really make me so full until I wanna vomit.  
This is just the first round.  Really full dao....  Luckily there are boys who ate with me, or else it wouldn't be worth to eat buffet there.
We watch Expendable 2.
I seriously hate those bloody movie la.  I like action movies, but I hate when they hit or fight with each other because I feel the pain!  When they punch each other, blood comes out from they nose and mouth, I feel it is painful as I'm the one who got punch.  

This morning went out to have breakfast with bro.  Because of him, I woke up at 6.50am.  Anyway he treated me curry mee.
We had breakfast at a restaurant named Sungai Lembing.  (Now don't have to drive an hour journey to eat breakfast at Sungai Lembing already cause can eat at the restaurant.)  The taste of the curry mee is almost the same as the one I ate yesterday.  The only difference is they give si ham today and no si ham yesterday.

Guess, I should stay at home eat sleep and eat sleep today to restore back all my energy so I can continue smiling and laughing in the office tomorrow.  Seriously need to recharge myself.!

ps: someone called me dinosaur yesterday. wtf.

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