Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am so in Comfort Zone

Recently my emotion is like going high up and then drop to the very bottom.  Yeah, you can say it as up and down.  (sound like heart beats! Lol!).  Friends around me are staying good and nice.  Even some of them are aiming something and are now achieving their aims and goals!  Good to hear that from them anyway... =D

However, I started to feel my life so colourless .  There are no up and down in my life (I mean from what I can see from these three months, omg!!!  I'm so lifeless...  >.<), of course except from my emotion.  wtf!  

I'm home for almost three months and today is the last day of me staying in IT department.  I am going to 'transfer' to another department which I don't think there are many people who know about this department:  Purchasing Department.  Yeah, it is a super tiny and nobody would have notice their existence but nobody know their effort and stress they have to face.  

I'm now still in comfort zone.  People I know in the company all are so good where they all take good care of me.  At least I feel they are bagus-bagus belaka.  

Btw, today is the last day of my colleague (also junior. lol!).  We have farewell party!
Yeah, we eat junk food as farewell.  wtf!  We are damn 'healthy' lo!
And yeah, I got early farewell gift!  XD
Earing from Korea!  Lucky me right!!!

Now you know why I say I'm always in comfort zone...  I always get to meet all nice nice people and they are also being so nice to me.  So how I want to leave this comfort zone into challenging zone?!  Argh...

Nah, let you see my fat fat picture after I work for 2 months here.

Fat hor...  I wanted to put the picture of four ladies one, but FML I lost the picture already.. I don't remember whether I got take out from the device or not...
I wanted to keep that picture one leh... >.<
Nevermind, go and find out on Saturday...

Lol!  So now you know why I am so in comfort zone, I really don't want to leave this comfort zone, but if I never do that, I will never grow up!  Damn difficult to choose...

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