Monday, August 6, 2012

Insomia! Help!!!

What time is it now?  wtf!!!  I seldom awake at this time but yeap, I am still awake!  I can't sleep!!!  I am super tired now but I can't sleep at all!  

Early in the morning I woke up at 7.05am and found out mommy not around already so I thought I should start to do housework at downstairs and let sis continue her sleep.  When I finish everything it was already 9am something.  Back to my laptop and watched drama while waiting sis to wake up.  
Finally she got up.

We went for breakfast together and I don't know why the breakfast we ordered were in super big portion where we were like forcing ourselves to finish them.  (we wished bro was there so much to help us to finish up everything.)  Finally we finished everything.  Paid and leave.
Since nobody is going to cook tomorrow (I'm lazy to cook for a person) so I suggested to buy maggi mee so she can cook maggi mee and eat when she is hungry.  (I bet mommy is gonna kill me after she back! fml)

At 2pm badminton with colleague and his friends.  Can back at 4pm.  Get ready and then go out for dinner and movie with sis.  Surprisingly I don't feel tired after the sport but I feel super tired after I came out from the cinema!  Oh godness!!!  My legs and hand were so damn 'sour'!!! wtf!!!

Now I want to make myself sleep on the bed, but I can't!  I just can't get into dreams and sleep well!!!  Gosh!  Tomorrow confirm I'm going to work with my panda eyes!!!

ps:  I'm really super tired!!!

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