Sunday, September 16, 2012

Miserable Future

Looking at my palm, trying to predict my own future.  (so crap la... although I wish there is some one out there could tell me who am I after few years.)  Now only I realized how good if I'm still a student.  wtf...
What is the problem with me?  I have lots of suggestion towards my own life before I step into the real world, but when I really where I am now, I start to be like a coward.  #shameonme
I can hardly see the road in front...

Like Mr. C said, future is not to predict nor think but is to risk and do it.  He is so true.  Aiya, like usual la... I know all the moral and advises but I never think or really apply all that.  Now is time for me to find the courage in myself to really apply all that and build my own future.

Friends and colleagues are asking me where I will be after my internship (a.k.a practical).  I really don't know what to do next seriously, I really so bad in managing my own future.  What I know and what I want to do is step by step.  I am so lazy to think of what's the step right after the first step...  (lazy people always get nothing because lazy people are lazy.)

So what next?
Sitting at home, sitting in front of the laptop and Facebook everyday?  Or sitting in front of the laptop and watch drama everyday?  (If this really happen, I don't think I dare or unable to step out from my house after this... because the door will be not big enough to me.  Get what I mean?)

So now can you see what miserable life I have?
Everything and every part of my life is full with mist now... I can hardly see the way in front.  I can only walk slowly because I'm scare.  (such a coward...)

ps: feel like so lazy to continue the life...  so lifeless... >.<

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