Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Super Busy Life FML

I am so so busy on this few days and I'm sure I will continue busy until end of September.  Morning work for  8 hours, and then continue work for another 2 hours at night.  I have only gone through this tough days for 2 days and I feel exhausted.  I really don't know how I going to survive for a month.  fml.

Students nowadays are pretty cute.  I know some of you might say they are naughty and rebellious but seriously I find them cute!  Like today, I went into the classroom saw more than 3 students  (fyi I only teach 3 students for these 2 days).  So I was curious and ask some questions.  The girl keeps laughing and smiling and refused to tell me what happen.
Then I have to guess that actually she is just staying in the class to wait for the availability of the class.  She is waiting to attend to her class which is opposite of my class!  wtf.  So yu pei!!!
But still okay, cause she is my student for Wednesday and Thursday.  It is the chance for me to make good relationship with them!  What a good start!

Just now when I was in the class, suddenly Auntie Kim came in (Auntie Kim is the one who ask me to teach there) she said there is a boy asked is the female teacher that gonna teach us strict?  Lol!  I suddenly think my students they are so cute!  Nevertheless, their studies are not very good, so I have to be responsible to bring them back to the save path!  Lol!!!  (so kua zhang!)

Guess now the only gadget or device that I can online is my phone, because I'm too busy to turn on my laptop!  Omfg!!!

Right, I need to ciao, tomorrow I need to wake up at 5am to study!  >.<

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