Thursday, September 27, 2012

The HOLIDAY Of The Week

Pity me as I don't have much holiday although I have one week holiday staying at home.  What I mean here is I don't have much holiday although I'm not working for the whole week due to lots of housework and house-management stuff waiting for me to be settled.

Never mind, at least I have one day of my day to enjoy myself.  Nevertheless, I still need to settle some of the stuff asked by mommy before hang out with my friend.  (only a friend.  #foreverone.jpg)
Took some pictures while waiting for friend to buy something out there.  Of course I must take pictures because it is so rare of me put on make up and make myself look nice.  Alright la, I know you all must be thinking that WHY CAI YI BECOME SO SYOK SENDIRI ALREADY?  Argh... Nobody likes of course must love myself dy ma.  =p
Yeah, it was really a happy outing.  (OK! I know I should stop putting my ugly pictures.)

I went to watch movie in GSC.

OK, it was really scary but the storyline really not bad.  This movie cause me couldn't finish my medium size of popcorn.  Fml.
After movie, we went to walk around and I realized we have been awhile since the last time we came out for movie.  What to do?  I had to work in the day time and have to attend tuition class at night while weekend is for my family.

After that we went to eat sushi as lunch and guess what Bonanza is back again!  Next Monday I going to eat sushi again with my family.  How can I miss Bonanza? =p

Never mind I still manage to enjoy my day. =D

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