Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Last Day Of Internship

Is this consider that my University life is now officially end?  I really can't believe this.  

The 12 weeks internship have officially ended and my LI result is out (result for this internship), at least I get something nice from the result even though my academic supervisor didn't get the opportunity to visit us in Kuantan.  (that's really a waste, cause I wanted to go through the same pathway as others did!)

So on this last day, I decided to take pictures with my colleague-colleague sekalian.  I am so sure I am going to miss them so much.  (people inside are nice, only the management sucks.)
The Love one. <3
The New one. <3
The manage Money gang one. <3
The Teasing me one. <3
The Old one. <3
The Bully one <3
and The Crazy one <3
I am so sure I going to miss them sooooo much and I believe they will miss me too because I know I have been so noisy in the company, making so much sound pollution.  In all sudden the sound pollution was cleared, they definitely feel uncomfortable. =p

Now is time to hunt for permanent job.  Gosh, I really hate to face this but I know I have to no matter how.  I will have to go through all this eventually.  Anyway, let me have some short time to have my own empty time before I really fight for what I want. ;)

ps: it is time to enjoy my holiday now. =)

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