Sunday, September 30, 2012


And so I'm officially unemployed.  The funny thing is my part-time job as tuition teacher is able to make me feel exhausted especially when I have to repeat so many times in explaining Mathematics.  The good thing is I'm willing to explain because I love to teach Maths, and I will be proud if they can score in Maths too!

I'm now everyday facing the same routine.  
Wake up
Prepare for the night tuition

Really is not the life that I ask for when I was young.  I wanted life that can really fully utilized and life that I can earn lots of money but at the mean time I still have lots of time to do my own stuff.  But now seems I need more experience to achieve what I want.  

It was Friday and I received a phone call that telling me that I'm unable to continue to work in the company as because the company's problem.  I was super duper sad...  Cause I didn't get to say good bye with most of the colleagues.  Sigh...  I have to smile and say I'm fine although I was super sad.  (tears drop)
Nothing else I can do but recharge myself by having positive thinking.  
Now I'm free and can concentrate to do things that I want.  Guess this is the only thing I can make myself happier. =D

Yet, I got offer from my ex-colleague.  She asked me to become baby sitter of her son for a week.  Nice!  I like children and is time for me to 'torture' them. =p  Maybe I can get a job of being a Kindergarden teacher!

ps: went to worship hall just now and surprisingly met one of my students. =D

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