Thursday, September 27, 2012

Miserable Me...

I have been editing this post again and again since last week.  I really not sure whether I should continue with this post or just let it be in draft.  Yet, you still manage to read this post eventually.  Guess I prefer to share my thoughts by writing than saying out straight from my mouth.

Still, I want to warn you for continue reading this post.  This post is going to be full with annoying and frustrating stuff.  So if you insist to continue to read, please read at your own risk.  Don't complain about this after this saying this and that because I have warned you.

These few days back there are so many things bothering me much.  After the internship, I guess most of us are in holiday at least for a week before the permanent job started.  But not to me.  I'm now still in the no where state where I have no idea what I should be and should do.

The company I used to work with, actually they want me to work as permanent but since it is against the policy of the company so they want me to work with them as part-timer while searching for a job out there.  I am so glad that I can stay there although the management of the company is so bad but you see, most of the people in there treat me so well and I love them.

Now in all sudden, someone told me that I might not able to start working there on the first of October as the upper management give some nonsense reason which I don't think it is appropriate to share it here.  They insist that they staff they have currently is enough to manage their stuff where they don't need any other part timers or trainee to lighten their work stress.
I was super sad, I mean really super sad that I can cry out loud if I'm all alone by that time (I was teaching tuition and I still need to put on smile on my face. Really torturing much that time.)  I didn't get to say goodbye properly to all the staff as I had the mindset of I will go back to the company, but now I might not have the chance to say bye bye to them.  Sigh...

Anyway, if I don't receive any calls from them means that I still able to go back there to work.  (fyi: I still haven't receive any call from them)  So wish me luck please.  ;)

ps: almost got into accident for 3 times yesterday!
ps: my phone dropped on the floor for 3 times already!
ps: I find it is super difficult to loose weight when I am in holiday. -.-

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