Sunday, September 16, 2012

One More Week, Then I'm Free. (let's consider as holiday) =D

So fast and now it is second week of me starting my tuition classes, which means I have worked for more than 8 hours a day for 2 weeks and this Saturday I still have extra classes to my beloved students due to their weak subjects.  (of course I'm super willing to teach more as I can earn more in return!  #badteacher)  

And yeah, so fast that left 5 days for me to stay in The Zenith Hotel and I will tell you I'm waiting for my convocation in October!  Can't wait till that time so I can go visit around with family.  I have been wishing for family trip for so long and this is the time for them especially mommy to enjoy! (although the money we used will be mommy's, Lol!!!)

Just now went out with a friend and have a small gathering.  (fyi: I don't really like big gathering especially with those who lost contact more than a year, because I can hardly find something to say and that will make me feel abandon then I will sit there silently without talking. ) Two of us went round and round in Kuantan City, and then stop at a mamak stall.  Who knows the mamak stall is going to close right after we sit there for like half an hour!  I was like wtf???  
We then went to have another yam cha session at another place.  It is a new place to me because it is the first time for me to step into the shop.  I ordered this:
No doubt I like the taste but if the sweetness of the 'zhi ma hu' can be lesser it will be perfect to me!  (less sugar and sweet makes your life become healthier!)  
It was around 11pm when I have this.  I know this is super unhealthy to have this heavy dessert during the mid-night!  That's why I am still awake at this time!  Argh...  All the food make me super guilty now... (guess I have to bring sport shoes or the rope skipping back grandma's house! I can't miss the exercise of tomorrow... )

During the way back home after fetching my friend home.  All my mind was happy moments in workplace.  I can hard recall back bad things that happen in there, and I'm pretty sure that this is because I never go through all the negative 'activities' in there.  At least when I'm alone, all memories that I recall back are all able to make me smile while I'm driving or day dreaming.  I SAID SMILING, not laughing.  To me, laugh doesn't mean that you are happy but smile from the heart is happy.

I am pretty sure that I will miss them so much after the internship.  I'm so lucky to know every single person in there, because all of them treat me well and YES! THEY TREAT LIKE A SMALL KID!  They even called budak sakit jiwa.  >.<  I'm very normal okay, just a little bit TAK SIUMAN sometimes.  Hahaaha!

Really, even the General Manager of the company asked me when I will be leaving, and then he said after I am gone, the whole office will become 'sunyi' (quite).  I'm noisy I know, and I know I'm super loud!  My laughing can go through the wall and other department out there can hear my super loud laugh.  

Left 5 days there, going to be super fast past day because I am so busy everyday and that make me feel the time passes so damn fast.  I don't care, on the last day I gonna put on make up and take pictures with them. (only put on make up, not going to dress myself up.)  I think I will break all the rules on my last day.  (well, rules are to break!  Don't you agree me? ngek...)

Right, is almost 2am.  I must sleep because I have to wake up after 4 hours and start packing.  2 days holiday...  I'm coming!!!

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