Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Gift On 1st of September

Since mommy wasn't around and only one car was available on that day, so I got no choice but drive Mr. Wira out.  You never know how difficult to control Mr. Wira when you are already used to Mr. Kelissa.  I dislike Mr. Wira not only because he is super low but also because he is super difficult to drive, difficult as in he is very difficult to move on even though you push the pedal with most of your energy.  

I never know battery inside Mr. Wira has already old enough to die.  He still can be used in the morning, fetching me to work, then lunch together with bro and sis.  I even drove it for satay late evening!  He was really unpredictable, he GONG in all sudden!
Satay I had!  I like they way they cooked satay.  I know it is unhealthy eating all this food, but still once awhile...  OK back to topic.

At night, when I was in daddy's shop and ready to go back home, I couldn't start the car!  Mr. Wira rang alarm and warned me that he is out of battery!!!  wtf.
I don't feel nervous or scared that time because I know daddy is still in the shop, if anything happen I still have daddy there to help me.  I was so relax and let daddy settle everything down for me.  (Seriously do think it will be super nice if he stays together with us.)
And yeah, I managed to bring Mr. Wira back home!  But unfortunately, he is sick until daddy changed the battery on the next day.  Now he is alive!  

ps: if daddy wasn't there, who I should call to?  I really got no idea.  I think I will still call daddy for help.

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