Monday, September 3, 2012


I just wanna complain something here.  

ALERT! If you don't want to read a post that full of negativity emotion and aura, then stop reading!

If you insist to continue reading, please take it on your own risk.

I know it is so not good to have negative thinking especially this is only early of the month!  But when it comes to something challenging my patient, I will lose control.  

Last few days grandma was in the hospital due to some sickness, so my uncle said he wants to go hospital to visit her.  (fyi: the hospital is in Temerloh and he is retired)  So he drove my car, the car I always used.  I was pissed off at first but since the reason was visiting grandma so he can take care of her, so I just be patient on what I don't like and let him took the car.  

Yesterday grandma was back with mommy, she is recovered!  Glad to hear that. =D
And mommy told me that uncle will be using car this Friday to fetch grandma back home.  I was like wtf?  Is he serious?  Why he must use our car as he has his own car?  He thinks that his wife needs to use car but does he think before that we also need to use the car?  
Go ahead and say I'm selfish.  I know I am, that's why I'm complaining here.

Seriously don't get it why we have to be so kind.  

Seriously beh song!

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