Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sigh, nothing I can do...

I can't believe I only realize this at this moment. It is just like the day is going to end. I guess my life is going to end without going into University. Don't ask me why!!!
It is really heart break when I found out this. Sigh, but unfortunately I can't do anything else even a little thing to bring it back. My hands are shaking, I am really affraid.

When I realize this I was thinking that it may be not that bad I guess, but after I think deeply I found that it is not that simple as I have thought. It is really a very big deal. Nobody can help me right now, only Him. God.

Sometimes things really never go well as you think. That's why I always says that life sometimes really like shit. When you are having very joyfull time and enjoying time, you will suddenly found out something bad happen on you. And I'm facing the problem now. But I got no idea how I going to face it. It is not as simple as you think, it is a very big problem, not a tiny one.

But how if things that I am thinking right now happen?? What should I do next?? Argh... I hate thinking like that, I hate to put myself into this kind of situation. But what can I do?? I am really into this situation. Oh God... How come life can be this complicated?? You know that I dislike life that have this kind of things. I hate....

But still, I think I can handle this for now, but I can't promise that I can handle it in the future. If that really happen, I really can't think what I can do already... Maybe just to say byebye...

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