Friday, May 22, 2009


Is your relationship between your daddy and you good?
Honestly I have been almost 2 months didn't get to see my daddy's face.
For all my close friends sure you know what is the situation.

I have been quarrel with him last few weeks through phone.
After that I didn't call him or sms him.
He also didn't want to surrender and refuse to sms me or call me.

After these few days, I really see through my daddy's true personality.
I realize that he no longer care about us anymore.
Even when my brother or sister sms him, he never reply.
Don't tell me that he is busy. This is the lousy excuses that I ever heard.
Where got a father that will be that busy until no sms, no call within this 2 months?
This is really ridiculous!!!

It is really nonsense for me to forgive him.
Never think of begging him, hate to do so either.
Maybe he likes to see us begging.
Who knows??

What I know is I will continue my life without him.
Whatever things going to be, don't beg me for anything in the future.
Everything that happen in the past and now, I don't think I will ever forget.
It is not easy to forget either.
Just let it be.

But it is just impossible for me to treat you like how we treated you last time.
Time cannot bring anything back.
Things just happened and nobody can bring the past back.
What I can do know is let him go and keep my life on without him.

Well, I believe I can do it very very well.
Wish me Luck~~~

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