Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yam Cha + Thunder

Promise Harn Wei to go manager there to have a small gathering just now. It has been long time we didn't held any gathering after her birthday celebration. A month I think.

She asked her to meet there at 10pm, but at the end we went there at around 10.30pm. Late for 30 minutes. But luckily Yi-Tsiang did tell her that we are going to late a bit. Hahax.
Kwong Ming and Wei Sam went along but they have their own drinks at Kemaman Kopitiam. @@
Harn Wei wore very girl that night. Long time didn't see her wearing like that lor. She really looks beautiful. ^^
Later on Joe, Wei Hong, and Jun Yan reached and we had a talk over there. We even talked about Wong Yeong Li and Wong kwok Joe. Ehem, Joe didn't say anything but he just said that before he came for the yamcha, he went to meet her at tc and eat ABC together. But I can see that he smile so sweetly when we say that... hahax
Besides that we also mention another 'couple': Grace and Yi-Tsiang. Wahahaha, Yi-Tsiang didn't say anything also but he looked at his phone and smile sweetly.... L0l...
Talk till nearly around 12am. We had a good gathering this time. Just Yoke kena complaint for being talking to the phone for so long while we were yam chaing....
When we wanted to end the gathering, rain appears. I really hate rains although the temperature of the surrounding will decrease and we will feel better.

After that gathering, we went for second round at Kemaman Kopitiam where Wei Sam and Kwong Ming were waiting for us for so long.
This time thunder 'arrive'.
Oh My God!!!!
The thunder is really scary. Scary and loud. It seems like got big King Kong walking to Kuantan Town jor.
Wanted to go back early de, but the rain to heavily, so we ma wait till the rain slow down jor only run into the car lo...

On the way back home, the roads are all full of water jor.
Like going to banjir like that, so scary.... Scare the history will back again... T.T
On the way to Kwong Ming and Yoke's house, Yi-Tsiang terlanggar to a biawak.
OMG, went we turn our head back to look at the lizard, the lizard can still walk... It is geli..... ==

Think lots of thing last night.
Think about all the things that had happen for this few months.
Hope everything can get better...

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