Sunday, May 24, 2009


Finally the Business Presentation is held in Kuantan.
It is the second Business Presentation that I attend after I join this business.
I really enjoy every single second in this few months.

23-5-2009 (Saturday)
Went to Sri Malaysia before 2pm. It is really hot with those clothing, but I really like wearing them because I look smart with them. ^^
I like BioDisc BP, see some experiment and I myself try out the experiment.
Really impress le...
UNBELIEVABLE.... if I didn't try out myself, sure I will never know that it really works!!!

After the BioDisc BP, I went to have some pictures with Yoke and Yi-Tsiang.

At night,
wow.... it is more crowded than what I thought of!!
Not enough seat!!!
But not too bad. I like the environment at night.
After the BP, we went to a mamak stall near TC.
Listen to some sharing that given by Anderson. It is so unbelievable that Anderson will come Kuantan along too. So excited!!!
He came to Kuantan ler... Of cause I will have to take this opportunity to learn this from him la, that's why I follow them to Yam Cha at mamak stall at night.

We help Ching Chian to have a earlier celebration at there too.. She was so touch and cried.
We thought that she likes chocolate, so we bought chocolate to her... mana tau, she allergy with it.

Took some picture here too...
again, my face look so big!!!

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