Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Guess what I done today?? Haha, nothing special actually...

Yesterday sms with Grace and that stupid girl think something badly, so I asked her to sms me when she awake. >.<
And because her message, I wake up early this morning. @@

Go vacuum my car, my mom lecture me last night... She told me that I so free but never spend time to wash my car... hahax... No choice lo, clean my car this morning. Vacuum inside only, outside haven't wash yet. Lolxx

'Date' with Kee and Yoke at 10am to school to certify the certificate. I reached the school at 10am, waiting for 10minutes then call them, mana tau they haven't even come out!!! Really angry liao!!! Then I wait for them again, but this time I have wait another 10minutes. Shit!!! still haven't come yet!!! really angry liao this time. Got down and go certify alone liao lo....

After that I called Yi-Tsiang, ask him want to go visit Grace together anot.
He say okay. So I go fetch him at his house to Grace's house.
Before we go to her house, I suggest to buy medicine to her. So we went to Aw Kah Yan to find 'woods' but no stock, so we bought another medicine.
On the way to her house, she asyik say hope I got sesat and cannot find her house.
Zadao @@
You think I so stupid meh.... huhux

I some more got call her, obviously she got no idea that Yi-Tsiang will follow me to go visit her...
I think we spend around more than one hour at her house. Force her to drink medicine too... Actually I want to force Yi-Tsiang to eat medicine too, but he doesn't want. So fine lo~~~
They somemore want to talk something I don't know...
Really sien, cause say something that I dunno again and make me feel blur...
Alwayz like that, really sien liao...

Then we went for our lunch together... Mian Fun Gao~~~, I ate lots of ikan bilis...@@
Yi-Tsiang and Grace gave me lots of ikan bilis~~~
Later I become the next patient.... @@

After lunch, I rush back then go fetch Yi-Tsiang again to ECM. So rush....
Miss lots of training today, actually is not my fault. I want to listen to the training, but I can't la... T.T
Nevermind la, still got chance de... ^^

Hey guys, don't ever trying to hide things from me anymore!!!!! Really sienzzz de leh like that!!!!

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