Friday, May 1, 2009


I slept very early on Monday night. I was really very tired that time. After the marathon for few days, I really enjoy the time when I was busying with all the partner and friends.

Happiness come everytime and you will found that sadness is always very tiny. Erm, it is difficult to explain here, want to feel it then you just come and try it yourself~~~. You can really find the joy from here, but honestly I really tired and this tired is the different one from other tired you ever have. Come and try it yourself if you want. Just come to find me, and I'll help you.. :)

That night I was really very tired so I went to sleep at around 10pm. Before I slept of course I wouldn't forget to send my 108 to them. Very fast I fall asleep that night, really. Honestly I seldom fall asleep so fast. I am totally exhausted. All my friends are all feel shock to find out that I sleep so early that night, cause I normally sleep very very late, around 2-3am.

I don't know what was the time that time, but I very confirm that I was awake and very alert on what am I thinking. I suddenly wake up, but I couldn't open my eyes and I can't even move my whole body. I really feel suffer that time. Honestly I really thought that I kena haunted. I really very scare that time, because I can't even shout. OMG!!! My azimat that time wasn't with me either, because my bag is downstairs... really scary...

But after I asked those people that can see 'those' thing, they said actually this case got nothing to relate to ghost, because ghost will not do such thing. Then I was like........ ~~~ I also don't know how... My friend said that this is because I was too tired then this kind of thing will happen... Haha, I really never think that I will be that tired till my body give such reaction.~~~

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