Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Gal~~~ Grace

Yi-Tsiang and I planed this for so long, I think almost a week before. Grace told me not to remind Yi-Tsiang about her birthday, but I believe he still remember it la, cause most of the things about her he also know very clearly... aiks @@
(nanti kena from Grace pulak...)

On 3rd of May
I asked Yi-Tsiang 's idea on how will he celebrate for her? At first he said that he will celebrate with her for the whole day, well I don't know how la. But the first respond in my brain is like: wow, like boy friend want to help girl friend to celebrate like that...
Aiks... @@
Because before that Grace told me that she thinks that Yi-Tsiang has totally forget about her birthday liao. So I ma tell Yi-Tsiang that she thinks that lo, some more I told him that I want to celebrate together but I only can spend out my time at night.
So Yi-Tsiang said that since she thinks that way, then he will really make her thinks that he really forget about her birthday liao... Then I will go fetch her at her house at night, maybe around 11pm then ny g0 to a place to celebrate. Surprise~~~
Actually we want to have surprise at home de, like how we celebrate with Yi-Tsiang, but we don't have her mummy's phone number. So we have to bring her Out liao lo...

On 8th of May
I spend whole day outside with friends. Shopping~~~
I some more promise Grace that I am g0ing to online at home so that we can chit chat before I going to my grandma's house. Mana tau at the end, I break my promise, I couldn't rush back home in time some more go back at 12am something. Sorry~~~
I know that I disappoint her. Really sorry~~~

On 9th of May
I already at my grandma's house.
I keep on smsing with Grace. Some more sengaja reload my credit just to call her at night.
While I sms with Grace, I sure got tell everything happen on her to Yi-Tsiang so that we can plan the best surprise for her.
She some more want to tell me that Yi-Tsiang didn't sms her about her birthday and she really thinks that he forget already.
Although she just sms me and tell me about this, but I'm very sure that she was very very disappointed about that. She remind me once again to not to tell Yi-Tsiang about her birthday. I asked why. She reply: its not things to remind but to remember.
That night she celebrate with her friends... @@

On 10th of May
Continue my sms with her. Then ask her out for yamcha. Luckily I asked her first, cause she told me that after I ajak her, she got some friends who ajak her too... @@
Go on continue our plan that I have discuss with Yi-Tsiang in the evening.
Venue: JR
Birthday 'cake': McD burger
At 9.30pm, I went to Yi-Tsiang's house after he finished his badminton. (hand pain some more want to go for badminton!!!! naughty!!!)
Found out that we forget to prepare candle liao. So in the desperate situation, Yi-Tsiang terpaksa use the candle that we used for his birthday as the candle for her birthday candle. @@
I online at Yi-Tsiang's house and chit chat with her to confirm with her to go to JR1 or JR. I suggested to Yi-Tsiang to go JR1 because will be more easy for us to make her surprise. So at the end the venue change to JR1.
Before we (Yi-Tsiang and I) went for our plan. He suggest that he will arrive earlier than us and will put burger and candle on a table. Then he msn Grace and still berpura-pura that he forget everything about her birthday. hahax
(actually it is a miracle for them or not sms each other in a day, because they always sms to each other with their 'super sms')
Mana tau, I reached earlier than Yi-Tsiang, so our plan terpaksa change. Grace and I will go in first and I'll pretend to just treat her Yam cha. After Yi-Tsiang reach JR, he smsed and tell me that the lighter that he brought rosak liao... @@
So I used a very stupid reason that I want to go take something from my car. I know that if I said that she will sure suspect liao de. Mana tau, she just thought that I going to my car to take present to her... hahax
So after I borrow lighter from people and then we gone into JR1 together. She was so so so surprise~~~
We didn't prepare cake for her but we used burger as cake... hahax.. @@

Happy Birthday~~~

We took lots of pictures over there, and I wanted to post it here, but I think Grace will post la... So I just post them in Facebook la... hahax...
I choose some to here ny la... ^^

After berpicturing at JR1, we went to Grace's house to eat cakes~~~ yum yum@@
I think we reached at her house at 1am, and chit chat until 2am. That time Yi-Tsiang only went home. So Late@@ I no need to go back, cause I will be overnight at her house... Syoknya~~~
Chit chat with her before sleep until around 3am only really close my eyes to sleep.
Really can't believe that Yi-Tsiang still smsing with her. I don't know what they sms to each other, but seems like very screty... wuwuwuwu~~~~ @@

Anyway, happy birthday~~~

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