Friday, May 22, 2009


Do you know what is the taste of being in a jail?
Yerpz, I feel it already.
This is the second day I live without my Kelissa. It is really some kind of curse like that. I can't drive out!!!
You know, I love being outdoors. Running here and there, no matter what time. But not to this whole week. I lost my freedom!!!!

No more running out when my mom's working.
No more lepaking.
No more FREEDOM!!!

Oh My God!!!
How am I going to stay for this whole week??
It is going to drive me crazy.
Staying at home for whole day is really like being in the jail, not a low class jail but a high class jail.
It is something like you being in a jail that you are available for using internet, handphone, toilet, bed, and you will be comfortable with them.
But I'm sorry, if you want to stay in this condition of life without outdoor, let me tell you...
I'll definitely die.
I really can't tahan life like this.

By the way, I would like to ask:
if you bought a bus ticket and you found out that you don't need it anymore. Then what should you do? Can return back to the ticket seller? Or just let the ticket be?

p/s: really frustrated now. Many things happened so suddenly...

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