Friday, May 15, 2009


1.My Name : Wong Cai Yi

2.My Birthday : 05/12/2009

3.Who tagged you : Grace Alexander

4.Name 5 best friends: Honestly none in the pass 5 months, I found one and I hope it last long.... -----> The person who tagged me.... @@

5.What do you wished for birthday: have a great surprise birthday

6.Happy things that happened recently : none.... T.T

7.Most stressed about recently : works
8.What is your dream about future : happy family~

9.Do you have someone you like : got gua... you guess la.. hehe~~~

10.Will visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering : yerpzzzzz~~

11.Most happy to hang out with : friendssss

12.If two of your friends were having conflicts : will try to figure out and help to solve it....

13.Where is preferably the place to go with your lover : just go where ever that is comfortable for us to talk. ^^

14.What to do in Christmas : an ordinary day @@

15.Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with : my lover~~~, friends~~~

16.Bad habit on waking up early in the morning : lie down on the bed and sleep again.... Lolzzz

17.How many siblings do you have : 2

18.Favourite song(Female) : till now, all acceptable

19.Favourite song(Male) : Lee Hom: Everything

20.Favourite Colour : something warn

21.Flush before using the toilets? : if it is too dirty~~

22.Love me not? : Who?? I don't know... @@

23.Affectionate to guys or girls : not really.

24.What do you wants to shout out loudly : I want to sleep gao gao!!!!

25.Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night? : NO!!!

26.Will you take off your undies in while in the WC : Huh?? what?? I don't understand

27.Who's the bastard : n0pezzz

28.What's the current affection : Internet!!!

29.Sleeps uglily : not really

30.Whats the time now : 2.06am

31.Do you hate the person who tagged you : nope!!

32.Weight : 57kg heavy huh..... dieting~~~

33.Weather today : cl0udy.... hot... cloudy.... hot

34.Are you pregnant : nopezzz

35.What will you do if you win a lottery : give some to mummy, then buy a laptop for myself~~~

36.An activity that must be done while in the Uni -life : having a good relationship~~~

I don't think I want to tag anybody.... paiseh

1.Who tagged you with this questionnaire? : Angelssss
2.How long have you known him/her : 5 months
3.Do you think that he/she is important to you? : a little bit
4.Your relationship with him/her : just friends
5.Whats his/hers hobby? : piano
6.What do you think about his/her personality? : like to help people and then get herself into troubles
7.His/her points of importance in your heart : share lots of things together

*1st thing before sleep : sms...
*1st thing after awaking from sleep : sleep back again..
*Your idol : Lee Hom
*Favourite season : Autumn
*Worked part-time before? : ada~~~
*Times worked : flexible~~~
*Country that wanted to go most : Taiwan....
*Personality hated : being 'fan'
*Are you a crybaby? : yes... @@
*You laugh alot? : yups, infront of friens...
*Do you like to go out alone? : NO!!!
*What time you wake up if it was a holiday? : depends
*Today's weather(Sunny Rainy Cloudy): cloudy
*Choose between Friends and Lover : Friends
*Choose between Chances and Fates : Chances
*Are you narcissist? : huh??
*Is this questionnaire long? : 12mins
*How to make yourself feel better every time? : sleep, eat, shopping
*Favourite food : whatever
*Do you like ice? : yes!!
*Are you full of happiness? : not really
*Which are the friends that you cared the most? : friends tat cares b0ut me
*Whats the most important item in your bed room? : my pillow
*Most consistent dream at sleep : not really dream...
*Will you forgive a guy that is mentally disobedient? : depends....
*Whats the meaning of life? : to do whatever you like to
*Do you know?(See if you can answer this!): know what???
*When do you hate me? : when you feel frustrated after helping your friends...
*Like the day you were born or been into the society?: why not??
*Like Taoism or Confucianism? : Nopezzz
*Favourite cake? : Any flavour as long not jagung and straberry
*Do you like sardins? : Ok Ok l0....
*Who knows you the best? : None~~

*IQ higher or EQ? : I don't know wor....
*Computer or Mobile Phone : m0bile
*Friendster or Facebook? : facebo0k
*Whats your wish right now? : Have a boy friend... @@
*Tired? : everyday
*Favourite drinks : watermelon juice~
*What do you think of the humanity and personality of the person who tagged you? : kind and helpful... hahax

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