Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello there~

Let me speak out this time
It has been a long time I didn't speak out my feeling here.
I have been busying on my own stuff for this long time, until I got no time to settle down my own feeling. @@
haha, really love to crap......

To all my beloved friends who have gone to study:
How's the study and the environment there?
I'm sure you get to know lots of friends there.
Any way I hope all of you can really get to study on what you love.

To all my beloved friends who going to study:
Okay, this situation is almost same like me. Haha, because I am going to study soon although I am not sure about this.
Hope you all can get the course and the University that you wished for. =)

Suddenly feel that all the friends are leaving one by one from me.
In the end will be left me alone to get to know new friends.
Aiks... I really hate this to happen... @@
I know that get to know new friends is a good thing but I want to have old friends along.
Honestly it is really difficult to find old friends that can keep in touch till now nowadays.
Well maybe not for you. I myself find it difficult la...
Maybe is just I am to sensitive jor gua...

Lots of things happen and not much people know what happen to me, because I am a very good actor. Wahahaha, I still can laugh, jokes around in front of you all.
I can't believe I can did that well.
Can go to take part in competition jor. @@
Problems that I faced only some of you knows about this, because I choose to tell you all.
Really appreciate you didn't tell anybody about this.
Thanks a lot.

Muaksssss, Love you all

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