Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiara Hotel

Finally after long discussion, we have make our decision to go Tiara to eat buffet.  Well, actually I have to specially thanks to Shin Yi, cause she is the one who suggest to Tiara together, but at the end she didn't able to go... oh, this is really too bad, cause she had miss all the funny scenes. >.<

Before we go Tiara, we had our Corporate Communication class.  Since my assignment and presentation have to be done before next Friday, so I went down to ask him some questions.  And since he is not good in his English, so I ask questions in Malay so that he can give appropriate answer to me, but who knows, he speak English to me!!! wtf, I was trying to help him to understand me more but mana tau he speak English with pulak.  So I speak English to him.

Before the class started, we took picture. =)

Jacey should be in the picture too, but she came into the class late cause she wants to bath before go to class wor...
Then at 7pm, we went to Tiara.  Guess what?  7 of us in a Wira.  I also feel unbelievable too. =)
Due to the body size of mine and Pei Jie's, so both of us sit in front, Pei Jie be the driver and other 5 people sit at the back.  Pei Jie and I were comfortable in the journey to and back from Tiara, but others have to become sardin for that 45mins.  So paiseh. >.<

Tiara Hotel's food are not bad, but I feel that the food are quite salty, and this make me drink lots of water.  I wonder whether they purposely do this so that we can't eat much cause our stomach will full of water liao. @@

Are they look delicious??  
Yes they are...  Although the theme of the buffet is Chinese Cuisine, but there are still Japanese food.  Yum Yum~~~
I think I had eaten for 3 rounds with full plate of food, it was really really full!

After eat, we took some pictures too. 
Pei Jie and I~~~

Syn Wei and I~~~

Yu Jun, Syn Wei and I

Jacey, Syn Wei, me, and Yu Jun


5 of us~~~

All of us~~~

We used only around an hours to eat only, then we spend the rest of the time there talking and taking pictures nia.  It was really very funny.  
I hope we can go again, but go with more people.

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