Saturday, January 2, 2010

In The Well Again

yesterday after wedding dinner, bath, prepare then went to KL with my relatives.  really thanks to them for willing to purposely fetch to airport early in the morning... muackkkssssss

early in the morning at 5.30pm i ady reach LCCT.  then check in....
and now i'm sitting infront my laptop using my room's wireless streamyx onlining.
yupe, that's right!
i'm in labuan ady... poor pity me....
i know 35 days is long, i will try to make my 35 days happy, so that i wont be emo every day...

just now before flight, i called somebody but he didnt pick up phone, but he smsed me for more than 10 smses when my phone was off!!!
and this cause my phone rang for so many times when i on my phone back after i reached Labuan.

Okayh, that's all for now.... gtg make use of my time liao... 

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