Friday, January 15, 2010

Life is really unpredictable

saw some friends post this 

今天晚上九時Facebook將有5分鐘的沉默,包括沒有任何網站活動。這項工作將紀念 在海地地震失去生命的人,如果你同意請複製並粘貼到您的首頁 Tonight at9pm all of Facebook will have 5 minutes of silence which includes noposts, no comments and/or any other activity on the site. This will bedone in remembrance of all the lives lost in Haiti's Earthquake thispast week. If you agree please copy.

into Facebook as their status.
I suddenly feel sad and go search for the news about this incident.
went to the internet and found out that out there, from this small island, something huge happened.
and i can now staying in this small island having my own life...
laugh every night, and i really feel sorry for this.
our life is really short and unpredictable. 
who knows that all this will happen?
it is really shock when i found out this incident and feel pity for those who has lost their beloved
what i can do here?
nothing i can do but help to pray for them
since life is so unpredictable, please appreciate what you have now.
care every moment, care everyone around you.
don't wait until bad things happen then only start to regret
that time ny realize will be too late ady.

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