Sunday, January 31, 2010

31st Jan 2010

It is so fast that time passes.  
It's already last day on January of this year, and I have been staying in this small and lonely island for a month in this semester.  
I need too be patient for one more week then I can back to the place where I was born with warmest love.
Lots of up and down, happiness and sadness, gladness and emotional, within this month.  
But I'm kinda emo now...
I know, I know you all will definitely ask me what make me emo always and why am I emo again.
is actually because of something.... I don't think it is a wise choice to note it down here.
I'm really frustrated now, I don't know why I keep on annoyed by those things!
I know that I should forget those thing now and act like normal, but I tried! Is difficult for me...

Just now I help Pei Jie to take things back to room, before that we went to cfc to eat something.  
We met WenMi, Ah Gong and Kok H0oi.  
They suddenly talked about clubbing and asked us to go clubbing tonight. =.='''
I also don't know why they suddenly got that mood to go, they said almost the UMSKAL students is going wor, and keep on asking me to go.
I have 2 tests on Wednesday and a quiz on Friday, then assignment and presentation of CC on Friday leh...  
I where got mood to go o??!!!
Some more wanna say I 'bai fon' o... ish ish ish
At the end, I didn't get to go although really lots of my friends go to enjoy, cause I know that I will never release myself if I go tonight. 

Just now mummy called me and told me that my car 'kissed' by others.
who the hell has such courage to kiss my car???!!!
walao... hahahax, but nothing much can do liao la...
things have happen liao
talking to mummy just now, but she keep on laughing nia... 
that time she was watching television that's why she didnt concentrate when talking with me...
sien liao, nevermind la, cause that is the first time she called me at night without receiving my miss call. =)
I'm glad with that ady. =))

0kayh, I think that's all for today.
Let me have a good week before I go back to my hometown.
Hope everything runs well as what I wish. 

p/s: left 6 days I can go home liao. =)

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