Sunday, January 24, 2010

14 days

wow, it has been almost a week i didn't update my blog ady. 
tuesday was so free cause got no class and i guess that you all have been read my previous post that i had my time with 'crazy family' eating satay at Layang-layang.  

then wednesday i had Java class from 2pm till 5pm, is really long time and tired and can't concentrate after that 2 hours.  during the class, miss chin mention about the mid term before CNY, all of us refuse to have exam that week, cause most of us are going back hometown ady.  then she got no idea and decided to make the exam on 3rd of Feb, which means next wednesday!

thursday, i had multimedia that day and we was so depress cause we thought that we will have our class for 4 hours non-stop! cause the lecturer told us that the first 2 hours will be lecture class then the next 2 hours will be lab session. but fortunately that day she only use 1 hour to teach us. =)
then in the evening we were told that we will have CC (communication corporate) so we were also frustrated to attend the class, but who knows that after a while, i received a sms that the class was postpone to friday evening which is as usual. =.='''

we was planned to go town to search some Hubungan Etnik material for our assignment after the morning class. but who knows that the CC class was postpone to friday evening, which means i have to back to campus before the time.  no choice lo... and one more thing, this coming friday will have techno quiz... T.T suddenly quiz and exam come... really sad...

then yesterday, i was so so hardworking doing my assignment.  finally i can consider finished up my assignment of mandarin and hubungan etnik. =) i'm proud of myself cause i can hit my assignment target that i set for myself.
then at night i did something very very silly.  my roommate bought wine.  and we drank yesterday night in our room,  omg!!! three of us got drunk and we can't even finish the wine.  cool~~~

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