Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emotional Again... I think this has been a trend to me...

I don't know why, I have been getting easy to be emo recently and I found out the smile or laugh wasn't real for me.  I can feel that I'm acing sometimes or that was really funny that's why i'm laughing.  But you can hardly see me sitting down alone, smiling alone to nothing.  
when you see me smiling alone to nothing that's show i'm really smiling from my heard but recently I seldom do that.  I also wonder that.  cause usually even i'm in the car back to grandma's house, i will smile alone when i stop talking to my mom.

and one more thing...
i thought i am a straight forward person.
but i just realized that i'm not at all.
i'm not a straight forward person...
and i found out that i love to hide my feeling on others.
for example, if i hate somebody or i don't like a person attitude i will hide in my heart.
i also don't know why i will act like that, cause usually i will straight away scold that person and just ignore that person that i dislike.
but now, i feel so hard to express out... that's why i keep it in my heart...
isit because i'm the wrong person to angry about the attitude or isit because i'm wrong for thinking that way??
that's why i can't be straight forward to that person??

this really make me feel emo la...

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