Friday, January 29, 2010

Story About These Few Days

These few days are really like miracle.  Lots of up and down. There is a friend of mine written in her Facebook status: even is better than odd.  At first I don't understand what this meant about, but now I understand.  It means when you do anything, it is always better if there is someone who accompany you, and I really feel that. =)
Kinda busy with my assignment these few days too, seldom sms or call back home but there is one thing that I'm really glad with.  He has back to normal!  I really do glad to feel that. =) *happy*
The weather here is really hot recently, especially at night.  Although you are just sitting typing your assignment, you will still sweat.  I hate this kind of situation because I got no water for me to always bath before I sleep!

Yesterday night I went for dinner with my roommates.  After a sem of waiting, that was the first time we eat and go out together because since last sem we had mentioned to eat together outside and now we make our 'dream' comes true. ^0^  We rent 3 hours care to town to eat our dinner.  Wow, the dinner was really satisfying and delicious.  
Tonight I will go out again.  But this time is with another gang of friends.  We are going for buffet, 7 people in a car.  Actually we planed to go with 2 cars, which at first is Shin Yi's car and rent car because at first she said she is going to eat today too.  Since the more people who go the more happy and excited, so I find some others to go along.  After we had decided everything, the next day she told me that she is not going although she really want to join us.  The reason?  Nah...  I don't feel like mention it here, cause when I think of that I feel angry! because the reason really ridiculous! I really never see such selfish person! always think of her own but not others although people around her always help her.  I don't understand why until now she still don't know how to change her attitude, she really wants her friends surrounding all gone one by one then will only realize or she wants to wait until the day when she step to the reality life?
Argh! forget about it, ruin my day only, but my EQ is high enough, so I will not be angry or sad with this kind of person, who cares?  Just like Ah Gong taught me that don't care what others did to you, but remember that how they treat you, so that next time you will not be stupid to make the same mistake again.
Here make me think of a quote:
"A mistake made once is a teacher; made twice, it becomes a friend; a mistake made thrice is your life"
which means that don't let your mistake become your habit.  CHANGE!!!

Yesterday morning I had Multimedia class.  I wanted to skip class because I know that the lecturer will let us go after 1 hour, but too bad cause after the class I have Technopreneurship group meeting, so I went to the class at the end.  Then the lecturer suddenly said there will be tutorial after our class.  OMG! "Miss, can you continue the tutorial class right after the lecture class so that we no need to wait for an our after our lecture class and we can go back early?" this is what came our in my mind when she said the tutorial class will start at 10am while our lecture class ended at 9am.  @@'''

I suppose to have class at this time, but the lecturer is not around and the class is cancel!!!  The message was blush out very fast in Facebook. And when we saw the message, all of us was so excited because we no need to wake up early in the morning although I still woke up at 7am this morning.  Well, it has been a 'good' habit for me to sleep late and wake up early. >.<

p/s: I'm going back soon and the days left is just 8 days. =) and i'm waiting for Sunday, cause I told ah gong to buy me some sushi. =)

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  1. 3 hours "cares"???!!1
    how to rent??
    where to rent??
    who to rent from??