Monday, January 11, 2010

First Time Ever

As I told you that I have join other group in an assignment.
Today I had attend the meeting, the very first meeting of that assignment which I was been told to be Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in that 'business'.
Well, I guess I will never run away from the word 'financial' in my life.  =.='''
First Meeting..
any idea that I will say?
I was thinking when I was walking back to my hostel, am I joining the wrong group?
They are too perfect for me.
I have to admit that I'm not an intelligent person or a smart person but now I'm in a group that full of intelligent and smart ppl.
What I'm afraid is I will bring them down and they will blame me for that.
That's why I'm thinking now am I in the wrong group?
During the meeting just now, they can keep talking and talking while I was just sitting down there listening and just able to give one or two suggestions.
I'm not good in talking although you can see me talking all day long, I'm not good in present.
Well, since I'm in that group, so I think what I can do is do my best and make myself more intelligent so that I wont bring down the group.  Smile~~~
I believe I can do it. =)

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