Monday, January 18, 2010

Smile =)

Recently I find out that smile is a very difficult thing.
okayh, maybe you will say that
"i always smile, and i smile everyday..."
"come on la, smile is an very easy thing only, is not a difficult thing!"
"don't you see me laugh everyday? then smile is a very easy job la!"
do you realize that everyday we laugh is because of what?
don't you realize that laugh isn't from our inside?
all day long maybe you have laugh until your stomach pain, until your face feel 'sour' but this doesn't mean that you are happy.
do you get it?
maybe you are able to smile or laugh in front of others everyday but this doesn't mean that you are happy with it.
so guys and gals,
are you happy now?
Guess what? 
I'm assigning my friend a mission.
make sure they are happy everyday, smile from inside.
well, can you make it??

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