Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Satay at Layang-Layang

It has been awhile I didn't post up pictures liao.
Came to Labuan this sem, I really didn't get much time to enjoy outing.  I have been asking Shin Yi to bring me to go makan satay, since every time she said the weather is not good, this and that, i already fed up, so i asked someone else who maybe want to go eat along.
Syn Wei and her family are so excited when I suggested to go eat Satay at Layang-Layang.  Her whole family went with me and I suddenly become part of her family. =.='''

we ordered 50 satay, i ate 9, syn wei ate 10+, meng ling ate 10, jacey ate 8, and yu jun ate 8.  l0l, is really funny that we can eat so so much.  hahahax but the bad thing is we have to eat with flies and cats...
flies and cats were so busybody came to kacau us when we were eating.

after makan, we went to the beach and took some photos there.

well, i didnt post everything up here... abit lazy to upload all of the pictures.

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